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27. Oktober 2010

Conflicts of Interest at Medical Journals: The Influence of Industry-Supported Randomised Trials on Journal Impact Factors and Revenue – Cohort Study


Publication of industry-supported trials was associated with an increase in journal impact factors. Sales of reprints may provide a substantial income. We suggest that journals disclose financial information in the same way that they require them from their authors, so that readers can assess the potential effect of different types of papers on journals' revenue and impact.


Meldung in aerzteblatt online 27.10.2010

Beitrag im Forum Gesundheitspolitik

20. Oktober 2010

Modeling in pharmacoeconomic studies: Funding sources and outcomes

International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 2010), 26: 330-333


The review found a substantial share of studies supported by the pharmaceutical industry, almost all concluding in favor of the drug studied, without any unfavorable conclusions at all. These results confirm also in the field of pharmacoeconomic studies that the best way of limiting confounding factors is by clearly distinguishing assessors from manufacturers and marketers of any new technology.

Industry sponsored bias in cost effectiveness analyses

Editorial BMJ 19.10.2010

European Medicines Agency tightens rules on conflict of interest

BMJ 19.10.2010

15. Oktober 2010

Publikationsbias - das Beispiel Reboxetin.

Eyding D, Lelgemann M, Grouven U, Härter M, Kromp M, Kaiser T, et al.
Reboxetine for acute treatment of major depression: systematic review and meta-analysis of published and unpublished placebo and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor controlled trials. Volltext kostenlos

Editorial der Herausgeberinnen des BMJ

Kommentar R. Steinbrook, JP Kassirer (frühere Herausgeber des New England Journal of Medicine)

Kommentar G. Gigerenzer

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